War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin tells Emmanuel Macron that the West must stop supplying arms to Ukraine

Steph Deschamps / May 4, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the West should stop supplying arms to Ukraine, in a phone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.
The West could help stop these atrocities by exerting appropriate influence on the authorities in Kiev, as well as by stopping the supply of weapons to Ukraine, said the Russian president according to a Kremlin statement.
Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian forces of committing war crimes and the European Union of ignoring them.
The Russian president added that despite Kiev's inconsistency and unpreparedness for serious work, the Russian side is always open to dialogue to find a way out of the conflict.
According to the Kremlin, Mr. Putin responded to French concerns about global food security that the situation in this area is complicated mainly because of the sanctions of Western countries against Russia.
Relations between France and Russia have been severely strained since the beginning of Moscow's military offensive in Ukraine on February 24.
Despite this crisis, Mr. Macron met several times with Mr. Putin before and after the outbreak of the conflict to seek a solution, without success.
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