War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin considers that the liberation of Mariupol is a success

Steph Deschamps / April 21, 2022

The Russian president said Thursday that his forces had successfully taken control of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and ordered a siege of the remaining Ukrainian fighters rather than an assault on them.
The end of the work of liberation of Mariupol is a success, said Vladimir Putin to his Minister of Defense, Sergei Shugu, during a meeting broadcast on television.
The Russian president also told him that he wanted to besiege the last Ukrainian fighters entrenched on the Azovstal metallurgical site, because an assault would be too costly in terms of lives, as the area is composed of a vast network of underground galleries.
I consider the proposed assault on the industrial zone is not appropriate. I order to cancel it, Putin said. 
We must think (...) about the lives and health of our soldiers and officers, we must not enter these catacombs, and crawl underground, he continued. Block off this whole area so that not a fly gets through.
This vast industrial site still houses 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers, according to the Russian Defense Minister.
Mr. Putin has also promised life to those who surrender.
Propose once again to all those who have not laid down their arms to do so, the Russian side guarantees them life and to be treated with dignity, he said.
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