War in Ukraine: torture chambers discovered in Kherson after the departure of the Russians

Sylvie Claire / November 17, 2022

Ukrainian police discovered torture chambers and mass graves in the city of Kherson after the departure of Russian troops. Eleven sites where the Russians detained people have been located, according to the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Denis Monastirski, and in four of them, the detainees were tortured.
The police are now investigating the scene, interviewing witnesses and examining the bodies, 63 of which were discovered in the Kherson region after the Russian soldiers left, according to the Interior Minister. "We know that the search is just beginning and that other torture chambers and graves could be discovered," he said.
Similar torture chambers have also been discovered in other areas from which Russian soldiers were driven out, such as Kharkiv.
However, the existence of such chambers could never be confirmed by independent sources. The Ukrainian army retook Kherson from the Russians in early November. Mines were left by the Russian army in many parts of the city.


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