War in Ukraine: the whole region of Kiev has been liberated

Sylvie Claire / April 3, 2022

Ukrainians have regained control of the entire Kiev region after Russian forces withdrew from key cities near the capital, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Maliar announced Saturday.
The localities of Irpin, Butcha, Gostomel and the entire Kiev region have been liberated from the invader, Maliar said on Facebook.
All these cities were devastated by the fighting that raged there after the Russian invasion began on February 24.
The Ukrainians had declared on Monday to have recaptured Irpin, in Russian hands since the end of February.
And journalists from AFP were able to visit Boutcha on Saturday, which was also very recently liberated and which had been inaccessible to the press for almost a month.
Russian forces are making a rapid withdrawal from the regions of Kiev and Cherniguiv, in northern Ukraine, with the aim of redeploying to the east and south, the Ukrainian government said Saturday.
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