War in Ukraine: the Kremlin will not invite any foreign heads of state to the military parade on Red Square

Eva Deschamps / April 30, 2022

Russia will not invite foreign heads of state to the traditional May 9 military parade.
The parade will mark the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory in World War II. The fact is that this time it is not an anniversary, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies.
In the past, there have been editions without invited heads of state, but also where foreign heads of state were present during non-jubilee celebrations.
About 11,000 soldiers take part in the military parade on Red Square in Moscow.
Not the least reason why there will be no foreign heads of state and government this year is the war in Ukraine. No one wants to support it by being present in Russia. Western diplomats in Russia will also decline a possible invitation.
This is our holiday, it is a sacred holiday for all Russia and all Russians. But we have not invited any foreign leaders, said Peskov.
Preparations for the largest military parade in Russia are already underway. In addition to the soldiers, a lot of military equipment will also be displayed, such as tanks and missiles. In the airspace, fighter planes will form the letter Z, the official symbol of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. Anyone who uses the word war in Russia risks prosecution. Thousands of people have already been arrested during anti-war demonstrations. Any criticism of the actions of the army in Ukraine can lead to a prison sentence.
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