War in Ukraine: the attack on the station of Kramatorsk makes at least 50 dead including five children, and a hundred injured

Steph Deschamps / April 9, 2022

At least 50 people were killed after two rockets hit the Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine, through which thousands of people have been evacuated for several days.
A humanitarian volunteer helping to evacuate the bodies told AFP that at least 35 people had died. An AFP reporter saw the bodies, in body bags and under tarpaulins, of at least 20 people.
Present on the spot earlier, he had noted that hundreds of people were still hoping to find a train to leave the city, under threat of a major Russian offensive.
The boss of the Ukrainian railway company Ukrzaliznytsia, Oleksandre Kamychine, mentioned 30 dead and more than 100 injured, denouncing on his Telegram channel a deliberate strike.
Four cars were burned in front of the station. The interior and the entrance of the station were covered with blood, with long traces of blood on the sidewalk and rows of benches charred.
On the square in front of the station, the remains of a missile were still visible, on which one could read in Russian For our children. Two rockets fell on the station of Kramatorsk, had initially announced the Ukrainian railway company.
The Russian army denied on Friday that a missile had been fired at the Kramatorsk railway station in eastern Ukraine, denouncing a provocation by Kiev forces.
All the statements of the representatives of the nationalist regime in Kiev about the fact that Russia carried out a missile attack on the railway station in Kramatorsk are a provocation and do not correspond to the truth, said the Ministry of Defense, even claiming that only the Ukrainian armed forces use this type of missile Totchka-U.
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