War in Ukraine: Russia stops participating in the Council of Europe

Eva Deschamps / March 10, 2022

Russia will no longer participate in the Council of Europe, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced Thursday, quoted by the state news agency Tass.
According to him, the EU and NATO countries, which are hostile to Russia, continue on the path of destruction of the council and the common humanitarian and legal space in Europe.
Russia will not contribute to the transformation by Nato members, following them meekly, of the oldest European organization into another place dedicated to the glory and superiority of the West. Let them enjoy interacting with each other, without Russia, the ministry said.
On February 25, the Council of Europe had decided to suspend all participation of Russian diplomats and delegates in the main bodies of the pan-European organization with immediate effect, in response to the armed attack against Ukraine, reported AFP. The suspension of the rights of representation of Russia concerned the Committee of Ministers, the executive of the organization where the diplomats of the 47 member states sit, and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Russia remained a member, however.
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