War in Ukraine: Russia denies killing civilians in Butcha and says images are a fabrication of Ukraine

Steph Deschamps / April 4, 2022

Russia has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council to rule on the heinous provocations committed by Ukraine in Boutcha, where Russian troops are accused of atrocities against civilians.
In light of the hateful provocations by Ukrainian radicals in Butcha, Russia has called for a meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday, April 4, tweeted Russia's deputy ambassador to the United Nations Dmitry Poliansky. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday accused the Russian leadership of torture and murder after the discovery of mass graves and hundreds of bodies of civilians in Butcha, in the Kiev region.
Moscow denied killing civilians. The Russian Defense Ministry said the images of dead bodies in the streets of the city were a new production of the Kiev regime for the Western media.
A U.S. government official denounced Russia's request to the Security Council. Russia is resorting to the same scenario as in Crimea and Aleppo: forced to defend the indefensible (here, the atrocities in Butcha), Russia is asking for a UN Security Council meeting in a way that feigns outrage and calls for accountability, tweeted the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAid), Samantha Power, her country's former ambassador to the United Nations. No one believes it, she added.
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