War in Ukraine: nine dead and 28 injured in Russian strike in Mykolayev

Sylvie Claire / March 30, 2022

Nine people were killed and at least 28 injured Tuesday in a Russian strike that partially destroyed the Mykolayev regional administration building in southern Ukraine, according to a new report by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor's Office.
According to the investigation, the Russian armed forces launched a missile attack against this building, nine dead and 28 injured are currently listed, announced the press service of the prosecutor Gerenal Iryna Venediktova.
Rescuers, SBU (Ukrainian security services) investigators and police were deployed to the scene, he added.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had a few hours earlier given a toll of seven dead and 22 injured.
No military objective was targeted, the inhabitants of Mykolaïv presented no threat to Russia. And despite this, like all Ukrainians, they became the targets of Russian troops, he said during an address to the Danish Parliament.
After several days of respite, the Russian attack came as a surprise Tuesday morning to the population of this peacetime city of half a million that commands the road to Odessa, Ukraine's largest port, in the southwest.
The front line in the region has recently shifted to the southeast of Mykolayev, around Kherson, the only major city that Russia has claimed as its own since the invasion began on February 24, and which is now being targeted by a Ukrainian counteroffensive.
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