War in Ukraine: Joe Biden evokes a genocide

Steph Deschamps / April 13, 2022

Joe Biden on Tuesday appeared to accuse the Russian military of genocide in Ukraine, using the term for the first time to describe the situation in the country invaded by Moscow.
Your family's budget, your ability to fill your gas tank, none of that should depend on a dictator declaring war and committing genocide halfway around the world, the U.S. president said during a trip to Iowa to address inflation.
Consumer prices rose at their fastest pace since December 1981 in March, at 8.5 percent year-over-year, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) released Tuesday by the Labor Department.
Joe Biden lamented the additional inflationary spike caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, assuring that 70% of the price increase in March came from (Vladimir) Putin's gasoline price increase.
The Labor Department had said in its release that the gasoline index rose 18.3 percent in March (from February) and accounted for more than half of the overall one-month price increase.
Putin's invasion of Ukraine has driven up gasoline and food prices around the world, the Democratic president continued.
The Republican opposition, in particular, accuses Joe Biden of having an economic policy that fuels inflation.
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