War in Ukraine: bombing near the airport of Lviv

Eva Deschamps / March 18, 2022

Russian missiles struck the airport district of Lviv, a large Ukrainian city near the Polish border, its mayor, Andriy Sadovy, announced on Friday. He said the strike did not directly hit the airport.
The area around Lviv airport in western Ukraine was hit by Russian missiles on Friday morning, according to the city's mayor, while U.S. President Joe Biden was preparing to warn his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping against any temptation to support Moscow.
Missiles hit the airport district of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy, the mayor of this large city near the Polish border, wrote on his Facebook account, assuring that the strike had not directly affected the airport facilities.
An AFP reporter saw a plume of smoke rising into the air above the area, with police vehicles and ambulances racing in that direction.
The city of Lviv had been spared by the fighting until now. But the Russian army shelled a Ukrainian military base in this region on Sunday, killing at least thirty people.
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