War in Ukraine: at least 287 children killed, according to the Ukrainian prosecutor's office and high risk of cholera in Mariupol, but no confirmed cases yet, according to the WHO

Steph Deschamps / June 12, 2022

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 287 children have lost their lives and 492 have been injured, according to an inventory delivered Saturday by the prosecutor's office in Kiev.
This one specifies that 24 of them were killed during the assault and the Russian bombardment against the city of Marioupol.
According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office, these figures are still provisional, as investigations are still underway in various regions of the country. The survey also shows that 1,971 schools and educational establishments were damaged, 194 of which were totally destroyed.
High risk of cholera in Marioupol
The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that there is a high risk of a cholera epidemic in the devastated Ukrainian city of Marioupol. However, no cases have been recorded so far.
WHO has not received any alerts or notifications of suspected or confirmed cases, said a spokesperson in Geneva. The UN agency is not present on the ground, but is in close contact with partners on the ground.
Cholera is a potentially fatal infectious disease, often transmitted through contaminated drinking water. Much of Mariupol's infrastructure, including water and drainage systems, was damaged by Russian bombing.
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