War in Ukraine: a new law allows Ukrainian civilians to shoot at enemy fighters

Sylvie Claire / March 10, 2022

Ukrainian civilians are now allowed to open fire on troops identified as hostile forces under a new law that took effect this week, Ukrainian media reported Thursday.
According to the law, which went into effect on Monday, foreigners and stateless people living legally in the country can also obtain weapons and use them against Russian soldiers involved in the invasion of Ukraine.
The issuance of weapons will be regulated by the Ministry of the Interior, and all remaining issued weapons and ammunition must be returned no later than 10 days after the end of the martial law currently in effect.
Assault rifles and ammunition were distributed uncontrolled in the early days of the war, especially in Kiev, where shootings broke out and were only stopped after a strict curfew was imposed.
The Kremlin criticized the measure. If someone attacks a Russian soldier, with a weapon then he also becomes a target, it said.


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