War in Ukraine: 23.7 billion euros of Russian assets immobilized by France

Sylvie Claire / Avril 13, 2022

France has so far tied up 23.7 billion euros of Russian assets on its territory, including real estate with an acquisition value of 573.6 million, following the war in Ukraine, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance said Tuesday.
This updated list includes first of all 22.8 billion euros that have been blocked on French accounts of the Central Bank of Russia, confirming an article in the newspaper Le Parisien. In addition, 178 million euros of various bank assets have been blocked, the ministry said.
France has also detained four cargo ships, four yachts, the last one on Tuesday in Marseille, for a value of more than 125.2 million euros; six helicopters for a value of more than 60 million euros; and 7 million euros worth of artworks.
The French authorities have seized 33 properties, including 19 SCI (Société civile immobilière). A dozen additional properties should soon be added to the list, for a total value that will flirt with 24 billion euros.
Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of London club Chelsea, is high on the list of targeted oligarchs, with a dozen properties, including the Château de Croë, in Antibes, or the Villa Gouverneur, in Saint-Barthélemy, reports the French daily.


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