War in Ukraine: 11 dead in an attack on a military field in Russia

Sylvie Claire / October 16, 2022

At least 11 people died Saturday and 15 others were wounded in a shooting at a Russian military field in the Belgorod region bordering Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said, calling the incident "an attack. »
This shooting comes in the middle of a military mobilization in Russia, decreed on September 21 after the Russian army suffered setbacks on the Ukrainian front, and while bombings from Ukraine have increased in recent days on the Belgorod region.
"On October 15, on a training ground in the Western Military District in the Belgorod region, two citizens from a CIS country committed an attack," said the Russian Ministry of Defense, referring to the Commonwealth of Independent States, an alliance of several former Soviet republics.
While conducting shooting training with people who volunteered to take part in the special military operation (in Ukraine), the terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons at the members of the unit," the ministry continued.
According to the ministry, "the two terrorists were shot in return fire." It did not give further details on the identity of the victims and perpetrators of the shooting.
In recent days, tension is high in the Belgorod region. The authorities reported almost daily shooting from Ukraine. On Saturday, the local governor announced a strike on an oil depot near Belgorod, the capital of the eponymous region. The previous day, a power plant was hit, causing a power outage.
This shooting on a military field also comes at a time when the Russian authorities have warned this week about the risk of "terrorist attacks" by the Ukrainians.
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