United Kingdom: Health workers must get vaccinated or find another job, says UK health minister

Eva Deschamps / October 3, 2021

The British government had previously decided that all nursing home staff must be fully vaccinated by November 11. But the industry has called for this measure to be suspended, arguing that compulsory vaccination could cause serious difficulties for many care homes that are already struggling to recruit enough staff.
In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Minister Sajid Javid unequivocally denied the request. He believes that people who are not ready to be vaccinated have no place in the sector. If you don't get vaccinated, why are you working in health care?
By working in a nursing home, you are working with the most vulnerable people in our country. If you don't bother to get vaccinated, leave and look for another job, he added.
In November last year, shortly before the launch of the UK vaccination campaign, four out of 10 workers in the sector said they did not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. But in the meantime, 86 percent of them have completed their vaccination course.
The industry organization National Care Association says nursing homes need more time to convince staff who are reluctant to be vaccinated. We are not against vaccination, assured president Nadra Ahmed. But we are understaffed. This deadline will only make the situation worse, she said.
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