Ukraine: new talks between Putin, Biden and Macron, Washington fears an imminent invasion

Eva Deschamps / February 12, 2022

Faced with the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, presented as imminent, the telephone rings are ringing more loudly on both sides of the Atlantic to try to restart the dialogue.
A Russian military invasion of Ukraine, marked by a massive campaign of air raids and a rapid attack on Kiev, is a very real possibility in the coming days, the White House warned Friday, urging Americans to leave the country within 24 to 48 hours.
We continue to see signs of Russian escalation, including the arrival of new forces on the Ukrainian border, said Joe Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.
This invasion can intervene at any time, including before the end of the Olympic Games in Beijing scheduled for February 20, he added before the press.
Against this backdrop of heightened tensions, the allies have achieved a remarkable level of unity against Russia, Jake Sullivan assured, warning Russia that if it decided to invade Ukraine, its influence would be diminished.
Whatever happens, the West is more united than it has been for years, NATO has strengthened, said the adviser.
Despite the more alarmist language, the White House national security adviser said the United States was not saying that Vladimir Putin had made his final decision.
We do not say that a decision has been taken, that a final decision has been taken by President Putin, he tempered, believing that a path to de-escalation was still possible, including through diplomacy.
The United States, Canada and Australia have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. This is a very dangerous situation, and for your own safety, you should seek to leave Ukraine. The situation will become very volatile if there is a conflict, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned his fellow citizens on Saturday.
While Emmanuel Macron had assured that he had obtained a commitment from Vladimir Putin on Monday not to fuel any further escalation, Russia announced on Friday new military maneuvers on the Ukrainian border. The Russian navy is also conducting maneuvers in the Black Sea, which borders Ukraine.
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