Uber taxi driver caught in terrorist conspiracy: man wanted to sow death at Gay Pride and Madame Tussauds


Steph Deschamps / September 10, 2020


The jihadist was betrayed by his words.


Musa Chowdhury planned to "sow death" in the streets of London. The Uber taxi driver was caught plotting terrorist attacks against the famous Madame Tussauds museum and Gay Pride in the British capital.


The 29-year-old was previously the perpetrator of a sword attack on British police outside Buckingham Palace, but he was cleared. He was trapped after asking an undercover police officer to search for potential attack targets. He even shared the details of his preparation with her, which allowed the police to arrest him before it was too late.


The former chicken shop worker trained to prepare for his shot: he lifted weights, practiced stabbing, beheading, and took shooting lessons. According to the Mirror reports, Musa Chowdhury's jihadist plot was fueled by 'dreams of martyrdom' as he plotted gun, knife and van attacks on Madame Tussauds, the Gay Pride parade and an open-air tourist bus. He wanted to kill "as many people as possible". He even told the undercover policeman (the latter recorded it secretly): "If you are a man and there are a million kuffar (non-believers), you are free to fight them, if your intentions are. clear, you are fighting for the pleasure of Allah. And if you die, it's even better, it's even more virtuous, you know « .


It was his first terrorist act outside Buckingham Palace that drew suspicion on him and prompted the police to send an undercover agent. According to psychologist Kerry Daynes, Chowdhury "burned himself" during his interrogation


Musa Chowdhury was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of conduct in preparation for terrorist acts.


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