This subtle tribute to the Ukrainians during Queen Elizabeth II's last appearance

Steph Deschamps / March 8, 2022

While her rank requires her not to take a public political stance, the Queen of England is known to drop subtle hints from time to time about what she is thinking. Whether it's by adopting certain color outfits, or rearranging the photo frames of her family members, careful observation of her every appearance can inform her subjects.
The Queen paid tribute on Monday to the Ukrainian people who have been facing the invasion of Russian forces for eleven days. This Monday morning, she received the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, in audience at Windsor Castle. It was his first engagement in person since his recovery from Covid.
Justin Trudeau is in the UK for talks on the war in Ukraine with Boris Johnson and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte.
On the table behind was a large bouquet of blue and yellow flowers - the colors of the Ukrainian flag. According to a publication on social networks, the Disaster Emergency Committee for Ukraine received a generous donation from the Queen. The palace did not confirm this information and categorically refused to reveal the amount of it.
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