The secrets of Kim Jong-un's huge weight loss revealed: here's why the North Korean dictator has lost so much weight

Eva Deschamps / January 26, 2022

The North Korean dictator would have lost a third of his weight. According to sources close to the intelligence, quoted in the British press, Kim Jong-un would have weighed up to 139 kg. But if we suspected for a long time an illness, this thinning would in fact be related to a change of diet. Kim Jong-un would have given up wine, Swiss cheese and luxury products.
This will not have escaped the keenest observers. For several months, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un seems thinner. He would have lost a third of his weight.
Citing reports apparently linked to South Korean intelligence, the tabloid explains that Kim Jong-un would have lost weight by cutting out luxury Swiss cheese, lobster and even alcohol from his daily diet.
These same sources claim that in the past, the North Korean supreme leader, known for his compulsive eating habits, could drink up to 10 bottles of wine a day! Information or intoxication? It is difficult to say as it is complicated to get reliable information about the most closed country in the world.
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