The images outraged the world: the faces of the mother and her two children, killed by mortar fire in Irpin, Ukraine

Steph Deschamps / March 9, 2022

The video of a mother and her children killed by mortar fire in Irpin has been circulated many times on social networks causing commotion. The father of the family pays tribute to them by begging for forgiveness.
The images made headlines around the world. As the war rages in Ukraine, a mother and her two children lost their lives on Sunday in a mortar attack in Irpin, a city besieged by the Russian army about 24 km from Kiev. The family was fleeing the shelling with their belongings and their dog. A photographer captured with his lens the bodies lying on the ground, causing the emotion of Internet users.
The companion and father of the victims shares photos of his wife, son and little girl. Sergii Perebeinis pays a heartfelt tribute on Facebook to Tatiana, 43, and their two children Nikita, 18, and Alise, 9.
The Russians took them all, laments the father. What's the point of all this? And then, he wonders, adding that he is on his way to see them one last time. Sergii finally begs the family's forgiveness: Forgive me, I didn't know how to protect you.
Harsh words that testify to the distress of Ukrainians, invaded by Russia for over a week.
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