The bodies of three men with tied hands found buried near Boutcha: The victims were tortured for a long time

Steph Deschamps / May 1, 2022

The bodies of three men visibly tortured and shot were found Saturday in a pit near Boutcha, hands tied and blindfolded, announced Sunday the police in Kiev.
The victims were tortured for a long time (...) Finally, each of them was shot in the temple, said in a statement the head of the Kiev police, Andriy Nebytov, adding that they had their hands tied, blindfolded and for some a gag in the mouth.
The bodies of these three men were found in Myrotske, a village near Boutcha, a city near Kiev that has become a symbol of the atrocities of the war in Ukraine and in which many corpses of civilians have been discovered.
According to preliminary data, the occupants tried to hide the traces of their violence, so they threw the bodies into a pit and covered them with soil, said Nebytov.
Kiev accuses the Russian forces of having committed massacres after the discovery of dozens of corpses wearing civilian clothes in these localities occupied then abandoned by the Russian army around Kiev.
This week, the Ukrainian judiciary indicted ten soldiers from a Russian brigade stationed in the region during their brief occupation, now wanted for cruel treatment of civilians and other violations of the law and customs of war.


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