Invasion of Ukraine - UN vote proves Putin is "more isolated than ever from the rest of the world"

Steph Deschamps / March 3, 2022

The adoption on Wednesday by the UN General Assembly of a resolution calling on Russia to immediately stop using force against Ukraine shows that Russian President Vladimir Putin is more isolated than ever, says US President Joe Biden.


The UN General Assembly adopted on Wednesday a resolution that demands that Russia immediately cease the use of force against Ukraine, in a vote overwhelmingly approved by 141 countries, 5 opposing, and 35 abstaining including China, of the 193 members of the Organization. In a reaction following the vote, U.S. President Joe Biden said overnight that Vladimir Putin, whom he called a dictator, was now more isolated than ever from the rest of the world, against a backdrop of strong international pressure and unprecedented economic sanctions.

An overwhelming majority of countries recognize that Putin is not only attacking Ukraine, but also the fundamentals of peace and security, Biden commented. Russia is isolated, with only the support of four brutal and authoritarian states - Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria - which joined Russia in voting against the resolution targeting the federation and its leader.

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