Tensions in Ukraine: according to Boris Johnson, Russia is preparing the biggest war in Europe since 1945

Eva Deschamps / February 20, 2022

Tensions are rising on the eastern front and Europeans fear an imminent attack by Russia.
In an interview with the BBC broadcast on Sunday morning, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there were indications that Russia was preparing the biggest war in Europe since 1945.
All signals suggest that the Russian plan is already underway, he added. Boris Johson fears the loss of many lives in case of an invasion. And we should not only take into account losses on the Ukrainian side, also on the Russian side.
This Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron has a meeting with Vladimir Putin. This meeting scheduled for 10:00 GMT is maintained even though Kiev now calls on its Western allies to stop any policy of appeasement towards Moscow, accused by Washington and Kiev of having massed 150,000 troops on the eastern borders of Ukraine.
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