Sweden to officially apply for NATO membership

Sylvie Claire / May 17, 2022

Sweden will apply for NATO membership, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced Monday, citing a new era for the Scandinavian country after almost two centuries outside military alliances.
The government has decided to inform NATO of Sweden's desire to become a member of the Alliance, she said at a press conference the day after Finland's application.
We are leaving an era to enter a new one, said the Swedish leader.
The Swedish ambassador to NATO will transmit Stockholm's application shortly, according to Andersson.
Sweden and Finland have already announced their willingness to submit their applications simultaneously.
We expect that (accession) will not take more than a year, with the necessary ratification by the 30 members of the Atlantic Alliance, said the head of the social-democrat government.
This announcement was acquired after the historic tilt of the ruling party on Sunday in favor of accession and the guarantee of a large majority in Parliament.
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