Storms: eastern China swept by the gusts of typhoon In-Fa

Steph Deschamps / July 25, 2021

Air, rail and sea traffic has been halted along a swath of the eastern coast, while the tropical storm is expected to make landfall late Sunday afternoon in the vicinity of Ningbo and Shanghai, two of the world's largest ports.
In Shanghai, China's largest city, the wind was already blowing hard on Sunday morning, but rainfall remained measured. All flights were suspended at the city's two international airports, as well as dozens of trains and activity at the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo.
Some amusement parks such as Shanghai Disneyland have been closed. And residents were asked to avoid outdoor activities.
The Chinese meteorological agency has forecast that the typhoon will lose intensity over land. But it is expected to cause heavy rainfall for several days in eastern China, including over areas affected by flooding.
It is necessary to be extremely vigilant and prevent disasters that may be caused by the extreme rainfall of typhoon In-Fa, the meteorological office said Sunday.
China has always had a rainy season, but record rainfall in Henan has cast doubt on the ability of China's cities to cope with these weather events, which experts predict will become more frequent and intense due to climate change.
The Henan province is strewn with rivers and is equipped with dams and reservoirs designed to control the flow of water and irrigate agricultural areas. But they were built decades ago, and rapid urban expansion is putting pressure on the drainage system.
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