Stacy's 2-year-old daughter died from a remote control battery: I hope to save children, which I didn't do with my daughter.

Eva Deschamps / June 30, 2021

Last May, Stacy suffered a real tragedy when her two-year-old daughter, Harper-Lee, died suddenly in a preventable accident.


On May 23, two-year-old Harper-Lee died after swallowing a battery that came from the TV remote.


A few hours after swallowing this battery, the little girl suddenly fell ill, in front of her older sister Jamie-Leigh. Her head hit the floor and she was bleeding, says the mother in the columns of The Sun. Then she didn't respond. It was as if she was no longer there, adds Stacy.


At the hospital, Harper-Lee received a blood transfusion because she had already lost a lot of blood. Doctors performed emergency surgery on the little girl, but it wasn't enough. Harper-Lee died because the acid from the battery burned her esophagus and damaged an artery.


It's a huge loss for us, says Stacy.I've lost my way completely. The five weeks since his death have been torture, adds the mother, who is determined to warn parents. That's all I can do now, point out to others how dangerous it is. I hope to be able to save children in this way, which I could not do with my daughter, concludes the mother, devastated by the loss of her child.

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