Squid Game: here is why the director lost six teeth on the set of the series

Sylvie Claire / October 27, 2021

The hit series Squid Game has become the biggest hit of Netflix, with 111 million households that have seen the South Korean production, within 17 days.
And this success is mainly (and especially) due to its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, who really gave body and soul to make his concept succeed.
As recounted in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Hwang Dong-hyuk lost six teeth on the set of the series due to stress: It was a nine-episode series and I was the only one writing the scripts and directing the whole thing, so it was a really physically, mentally and emotionally difficult task.
He continues,The story doesn't exactly have the easiest concept to adapt into a series, so as we went along, new ideas would come to me, or I would see flaws that I thought needed to be fixed. So I would go over the script while I was shooting the show. So that's part of why I generated a tremendous amount of stress, which caused me to lose six teeth during production. 
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