Spanish police discover Nazi museum at German arms dealer


Sylvie Claire / December 30, 2020


Spanish police discovered a large arsenal of weapons and numerous Nazi items during a search of arms traffickers on the Costa del Sol. The leaders of the gang, two Germans and a Briton, were arrested, the Europa Press news agency reported on Tuesday, citing police sources.


According to the police, the raid revealed a real museum with Nazi uniforms, flags and other items in the house of one of the Germans, who has close ties to far-right circles.


Together with the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), it was established that the second German national, an alleged pensioner living in Coín near Malaga, was wanted in Germany for a weapons cache near Hanover. The three men are accused of forming a criminal organization, smuggling weapons, ammunition and drugs, and falsifying documents.


The gang's arsenal, which supplied arms to drug traffickers in southern Spain, was unusually large. A total of 121 pistols, 22 rifles, eight machine guns, 9,976 bullets of various calibers, eight silencers, 273 magazines and a grenade containing one and a half kilograms of explosives were seized, Europa Press reported.

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