South Korea deploys planes after detecting 180 North Korean fighters

Sylvie Claire / November 4, 2022

After the missiles, the planes. The South Korean army announced this Friday, November 4, that it has deployed stealth aircraft after detecting the mobilization of 180 North Korean fighter planes during the Seoul-Washington air exercises.
Our military has detected about 180 North Korean fighter jets" mobilized in Pyongyang's airspace, Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said, adding that it has "deployed 80 fighter jets, including F-35As." Aircraft mobilized for military exercises with the United States are also "ready" to take off, the same source said.
This episode adds to the rising tensions observed in recent days on the Korean peninsula. After the apparently failed launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea on Thursday morning, Seoul and Washington decided to extend until Saturday their joint air exercises, the largest ever, which involve hundreds of warplanes on both sides. A "very dangerous and bad" choice for Pyongyang, which fired three short-range ballistic missiles at the end of the day, and carried out 80 artillery shots in a maritime "buffer zone ».
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