South-east Brazil hit by record storm: first report of 36 dead

Sylvie Claire / February 20, 2023

A strong storm accompanied by "record" rainfall has killed at least 36 people in several coastal communities in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil during the weekend of Carnival, where the death toll may rise, said authorities.
So far, 35 deaths have been recorded in the municipality of Sao Sebastiao, located about 200 km from Sao Paulo, the local government said in a statement released Sunday.
Further north, in the coastal town of Ubatuba, a little girl died as a result of the heavy rains, the same statement said.
Unfortunately, we will have many more deaths," said the head of the Civil Defense of the State of Sao Paulo, Henguel Pereira, quoted by the Brazilian daily Folha de S.Paulo.
In addition, some 228 people were displaced and 338 others evacuated in this southeastern region of the country, where a state of emergency was declared in five municipalities.
The number of injured and missing people has not yet been specified by the authorities, who are still working to rescue the survivors.
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