Shooting at FedEx in Indianapolis: the shooter was a former employee of the company


Sylvie Claire / April 18, 2021

At about 11 p.m. local time Thursday (5 a.m. BST Friday), the gunman got out of his car with an assault rifle and started shooting randomly, first in the parking lot and then in the warehouse before killing himself, Craig McCartt, an Indianapolis police official, said at a press briefing.


Eight people were found dead and five others were hospitalized.


The man who fired those shots was identified by police as Brandon Scott Hole, 19. He worked at this Fedex company sorting center in 2020, authorities reported Friday.


The reasons for his actions were still unexplained to investigators, but Brandon Hole was known to law enforcement, said Officer McCartt.


At least 100 people were in the warehouse at the time of the attack, he added.


Families have complained about the long wait for news of their loved ones because of a rule prohibiting some warehouse employees from using their cell phones.


We were given a number to call that didn't have any information, Tammy Campbell, the wife of one of them, told Fox 59, They need to change their policy so we can contact an employee or let them have their cell phone.


A company spokeswoman confirmed to AFP that under security protocols and to minimize distractions ... access to cell phones in certain areas of FedEx Ground operations is limited to authorized team members.


The attack, in this warehouse near the airport of this Midwestern city, lasted only a few minutes.

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