Seer Baba Vanga reportedly predicted that Putin would become the lord of the world: No one can stop Russia

Eva Deschamps / March 28, 2022

In the midst of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it has suddenly become almost impossible to ignore an ominous prophecy made decades ago by a short-sighted but revered psychic. When Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian national, had told writer Valentin Sidorov that Russia would become the lord of the world while Europe would become a wasteland, the world took her seriously because this lady was no joke, a 2018 Birmingham Mail report mentioned. She had an 85% success rate in her predictions, including the rise of the Islamic State, later the 9/11 attacks and, more contextually, Putin's rise to power.
All of them will melt, as if they were ice, only one remains intact - the majesty of Vladimir, the glory of Russia, said Baba Vanga in 1979, according to the report. In 1996, Baba passed away at the age of 85. No one can stop Russia, she reportedly said. After Putin initially assumed the post of acting president of Russia in December 1999, he has since dominated Russian politics and played a vital role in world affairs.
Interestingly, in addition to correctly predicting 9/11, Baba Vanga, who was born in the village of Vangelia Pandeva in Strumica, also predicted the Brexit a few decades ago. She predicted that by 2016, Europe would no longer exist in its current form. On June 23, 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union, exactly as she predicted.
Vanga had made thousands of predictions throughout her 50-year career, despite being blinded as a child by a tornado. She predicted in August 1999 that the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk would be flooded and the world would mourn. The submarine sank in the Barents Sea in August 2000, killing the entire crew. Vanga also appeared to have predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president of the United States and that as the 45th president of the United States, he would face a catastrophe that would bring the country down. However, her prediction that Barack Obama would be the last president of the United States remains a mystery. While she also predicted World War III on the 100th anniversary of the visit of Our Lady of Fatima, she also predicted that China would become a world power by 2018.
Nicknamed the Nostradamus of the Balkans, Baba Vanga's words resonate in all of us as Vladimir Putin has just taken another step to amplify his fame.
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