Russian supermodel found dead in a suitcase: her boyfriend's ploy to cover his tracks lasted a year

Sylvie Claire / March 17, 2022

It is a sordid news item that is relayed this morning by several news sites. Gretta Vedler is a young model of 23 years. The young woman who is a fan of Instagram was found dead in a suitcase 500 kilometers from Moscow, where she lived. It had been more than a year since she disappeared.
Before his disappearance, she had said that Putin showed clear psychopathy or sociopathy while criticizing the former KGB agent. In a chilling message, the young woman had said, Maybe he really wants to strengthen the integrity of Russia and sincerely wants the good of Russians. But can he really do anything?
While some feared that the young woman had disappeared because she publicly displayed her political opposition, it was in fact her boyfriend who was responsible for her disappearance. The young man confessed to strangling her more than a year ago, and putting the young woman's body in a suitcase. He would have then continued to feed her Instagram account.
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