Russian military operation: Russia ready for negotiations if Ukraine lays down their arms

Steph Deschamps / February  25, 2022

We are ready for negotiations at any time, as soon as the Ukrainian armed forces hear our call and lay down their arms, he said at a press conference in Moscow.
The Russian Foreign Minister also assured that the objective of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was to liberate Ukrainians from oppression, implying that Moscow intended to overthrow the current power.
President Vladimir Putin took the decision of this special military operation of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine so that, freed from this oppression, Ukrainians can freely choose their future, he said.
This veteran of Russian diplomacy also repeated the words of the master of the Kremlin by assuring that nobody is preparing to occupy Ukraine. The goal of the operation is clear: demilitarization and denazification.
Russia accuses Ukraine of committing genocide of the Russian-speaking population of the east without providing evidence.
We want the people of Ukraine, all Ukrainian peoples to freely determine their future, he said.
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