Russian army demolishes bridges and lays mines as it leaves Kherson, says London

Steph Deschamps / November 10, 2022

Russian troops demolished several bridges and probably laid mines as they withdrew from the city of Kherson in order to slow the advance of Ukrainian soldiers. This is what the British Ministry of Defense wrote Thursday in its daily intelligence bulletin.


Since March, Kherson was occupied by the Russian army, this city remains the only regional capital captured during the war in Ukraine. Russia announced on Wednesday that it was withdrawing its troops from the city as it is no longer possible to supply the city, they said. Russian supply routes have been put under pressure due to Ukrainian attacks, the British say. The British ministry believes the Russian army's retreat will last several days.


The latter is taking up defensive positions and conducting attacks to protect its retreating troops. So far, Ukraine is reacting with suspicion to the announcement of the departure of Russian soldiers. President Volodymyr Zelensky warns that this could be a strategic move. "The enemy does not give us gifts, does not make a gesture of goodwill," he warned Wednesday in his daily message to the Ukrainian people.

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