Russia will no longer participate in the management of the International Space Station

Steph Deschamps / May 1, 2022

The Russian space organization Roskosmos will no longer take part in the international ISS project, the head of the organization, Dmitri Rogozin, told state television on Saturday. The decision must still be presented to the government. The partners of the ISS will then be notified.
Russia will continue to fulfill its obligations for another year, Rogozin said, as contractually agreed. Among other things, his country provides fuel to the ISS and allows the Station to maintain its orbit and avoid collisions with space debris.
Russia, Europe, the United States and Japan manage the ISS together. Dmitri Rogozin had already indicated a few weeks ago that he wished to put an end to this collaboration because of the Western sanctions imposed against Russia since it invaded Ukraine at the end of February.
For its part, the European Space Agency (ESA) has suspended the missions to Mars and the Moon that it was to carry out with Roskosmos.
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