Rebound in the Maddie McCann case: after two years of silence, Christian Brueckner spoke

Steph Deschamps / April 23, 2022

The twists and turns are multiplying in the Maddie McCann case. Christian Brueckner, officially recognized as a suspect since two days, would have an alibi. He will present it in a documentary to be broadcast on May 3.
This Friday, April 22, the parents of Maddie McCann spoke out after learning of the indictment of a German suspect. This suspect is none other than Christian Brueckner, who for two years already, was suspected but not officially. It is only this Thursday, April 21, that the Portuguese police requested the official indictment of the suspect.
Maddie's parents, for their part, said they were not giving up hope of finding their daughter, missing for almost 15 years, alive.
But according to the Sun, Christian Brueckner, who had remained silent for two years about his involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine, would have given details of his alibi during an exclusive interview from prison, which will be released on May 3 in a TV show. The sexual predator claims he can prove he was somewhere else the day Maddie disappeared in 2007.
He has had almost two years to explain himself but has consistently refused to comment. It is disconcerting why he should remain silent and finally give an explanation, said a source close to the case in Germany. It's even stranger that he has to give details to a TV documentary rather than to the authorities, the source added.
Mark Williams-Thomas, a British investigator featured in the documentary, said that Christian Brueckner told him exactly where he was the night Madeleine disappeared. He explained his position to me in detail. He also insists that he is completely innocent, the investigator added. My investigations have uncovered some pretty explosive evidence, but I'm not saying whether I believe what he told me. That's for the viewers to judge, says Williams-Thomas.
These exclusive revelations will be broadcast on May 3, in the AMC Crime documentary Madeleine McCann: Prime suspect.


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