Putin escaped an assassination attempt and was treated for cancer

Steph Deschamps / June 3, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin underwent treatment for advanced cancer in April and escaped an assassination attempt in March, the U.S. weekly Newsweek reported Thursday, citing senior officials from three U.S. intelligence agencies.
The Russian president's health is the subject of intense discussion within the U.S. government after intelligence agencies released their fourth assessment in late May, according to Newsweek. According to the classified report, Vladimir Putin appears to have recovered after undergoing cancer treatment in April.
Intelligence agencies also confirm that an assassination attempt was made on Vladimir Putin last March. Senior officials also fear that the Russian president is becoming increasingly paranoid in his handling of power, making the outcome of the war in Ukraine unpredictable.
But it also makes the risk of nuclear war less likely, they say. Putin's grip is strong, but it's no longer absolute, says one senior intelligence officer. Everyone feels the end is near.
The three officials further warn that the isolation of the Russian president will make it more difficult for U.S. intelligence agencies to accurately estimate the health of the current Kremlin tenant. What we do know is that there is an iceberg out there, although it's in a fog, said one of them.
Another official, meanwhile, pointed out that one of the best sources of intelligence has largely dried up because of the war in Ukraine. Putin has indeed had few meetings with foreign leaders. Private meetings sometimes provide a good insight, he added.
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