Plane crash in China: the second black box found

Sylvie Claire / March 27, 2022


The second flight recorder of the Boeing 737-800 that crashed in China with 132 people on board without survivors has been recovered, official media announced Sunday.
The cause of the disaster, which killed 123 passengers and nine crew members, is not yet known. All the people on board were of Chinese nationality.
A first flight recorder, which contains the conversations in the cockpit, was found on Wednesday and sent to Beijing to be decoded. Its analysis should still take several days.
The second black box of China Eastern flight MU5735 was found on March 27, the China News Agency reported Sunday, citing the rescue operations command center.
This recorder contains flight data such as speed, altitude and heading.
Now that the two black boxes of the plane have been recovered, investigators should be able to obtain in the next few days or weeks the first answers on the causes of the accident.
After confirming the identities of almost all the victims through DNA tests, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) confirmed on Saturday evening that all the people on board the aircraft were dead.
Hundreds of firefighters, rescue workers, doctors, investigators, volunteers and politicians remain mobilized at the scene of the tragedy to recover the debris of the plane, human remains and continue the investigation.
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