Philippines: double attack in Jolo kills at least 10

Sylvie Claire / August 24, 2020


At least ten people were killed and dozens more were injured in a double bombing Monday on Jolo Island, the stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf jihadist organization, in the southern Philippines.


Five soldiers and four civilians were killed in an explosion near a supermarket in the town of Jolo with a bomb hung from a motorcycle, General Corleto Vinluan told reporters.


Sixteen soldiers were also injured in this explosion that occurred in the middle of the day. About 20 civilians were also injured, Lt. Col. Ronaldo Mateo said, citing the city's mayor.


A suicide bomber subsequently activated her belt of explosives on the same street as police struggled to evacuate the area. The explosion killed one and injured six police officers, Vinluan said.


The predominantly Muslim island of Jolo is the stronghold of the Islamist group Abu Sayyaf, considered a terrorist organization by Washington, which has split into several factions, some of which have pledged allegiance to Daesh.


Abu Sayyaf specializes in malicious kidnappings.

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