Panic in a discotheque of Marbella: a shooting bursts and makes several injured

Eva Deschamps / July 18, 2022

In Spain, in Marbella, at least five people who were in a nightclub were hospitalized on Sunday night for gunshot and stab wounds. For a reason still undetermined, a person opened fire in the crowded room. The incident occurred at the Opium Beach Club in Marbella shortly after 1am. Scary images shared on social media show panicked nightclub patrons screaming as they try to escape the scene.
The shooter is in custody at the hospital. He is reportedly in serious condition following stab wounds to the head and torso.
Local and state police rushed to the nightclub, with one eyewitness reporting 18 police vehicles on site. Three ambulances also responded to the scene, the witness said. Speaking to local outlet El Confidencial, this witness recounted, I couldn't sleep because of the noise from the disco and all of a sudden I heard the four shots.
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