Oscars 2023: what's in the $126,000 gift box?

Sylvie Claire / March 12, 2023

On Sunday night, the Academy will reward the best American and foreign film productions, it will also be an opportunity to do business.
"Everybody wins," Distinctive Assets chants on the eve of the Academy Awards. The company will be at the ceremony that brings together Hollywood's elite, but it won't be there to receive a statuette. It will be there to do business with its $126,000 boxes.
In this goodie-bag offered to the stars who wish to receive it, there are luxury products. Massage oil, body care, liposuction and facelift vouchers, there is a little bit of everything in this exorbitantly priced box. Distinctive Assets has set up this gift to the stars to promote luxury brands. The stars who accept to take it, have the choice afterwards to promote or not the content.
The nominated stars can get the box back, the argument of this company, which has been established for 21 years, is that the losers will not leave empty-handed. A consolation box instead of a statuette.
Among the sixty or so products in this year's box, stars will be able to find a three-day stay on the Italian island of Ischia or in the Ottawa countryside in Canada. They can also win a small piece of land in Australia, in order to preserve the nature and biodiversity of the Australian bush. Body care products of all kinds are also present, from simple night cream to cosmetic surgery. And finally, they will also find a selection of tea, chocolate and Japanese bread pudding. Something to dry your tears in case of disappointment.


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