Norway: a car hits a crowd at a car show, at least six injured

Steph Deschamps / April 25, 2022

A car attending a car show in Oslo, Norway, crashed into a crowd of visitors Sunday, injuring at least six people including children, all of whom were taken to hospital, police said.
Six people were taken to hospital for examination, Oslo police initially said on Twitter, without specifying the severity of their injuries or giving any indication of the cause of the accident. It then said that the number of injured could be higher, as some people went to the hospital by their own means.
The cause of the accident was not known at this time.
According to media reports, the six injured, including a child, were conscious after the accident, which occurred during a demonstration in a parking lot in front of a racetrack.
Videos showed a car reversing at high speed, with the driver appearing to have lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into the crowd standing next to the parking lot.
The injuries are serious for at least one of the victims. I don't have any further details about the injuries," Police Chief Thomas Broberg told reporters, noting that several of the injured were children.
He explained that the police, after talking to the driver, had "a theory" about the cause of the accident, but that it would take time to investigate.


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