North Korea claims Kim Jong-un's father invented... the burrito

Steph Deschamps / January 18, 2022

A North Korean state media outlet claims that Kim Jong-un's father invented the burrito and is even circulating propaganda images to support this claim.
Kim Jong-il reportedly came up with the idea for the burrito in 2011, shortly before he died of a heart attack, claims North Korean state media Rodong Sinmun, relayed by The Sun.
Propaganda footage shows a burrito stand, as well as a manufacturing plant, where food abounds. The video ends with a mural of Kim Jong-un's late father, smiling, in a kitchen where burritos are being prepared.
The majority of citizens have no money to buy foreign food, Hyun-seung Lee, who was born into a wealthy North Korean family and fled in 2014, told The Sun. I have never seen burritos or wraps for sale in North Korea, he added, noting that the import of Western food into North Korea is extremely low.
While the precise origin of burrito is unclear, the word appears in a Mexican dictionary from 1895, and describes it as a regional feature of the Mexican state of Guanajuato.


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