North Korea announces testing of anti-aircraft missile

Sylvie Claire / October 1, 2021

North Korea successfully tested a newly developed anti-aircraft missile on Thursday, the official KCNA agency said Friday.
The PRCN conducted a test firing of an anti-aircraft missile it has recently developed on September 30, announced the North Korean agency KCNA received in Seoul. The remarkable combat performance of the missile has been verified, with the introduction of key new technologies, the agency added. This test follows a series of weapons launches. This week, Pyongyang claimed to have tested a hypersonic glider missile, which, if confirmed, would be a major technological breakthrough, as it can fly five times the speed of sound. The tests caused international consternation, with the United States, along with France and the United Kingdom, calling for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The country's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs are banned by UN Security Council resolutions, and it is subject to multiple international sanctions as a result.
Since Kim Jong Un came to power, weapons programs have advanced, with Pyongyang justifying them by the need to protect itself against a possible American invasion. But for the chief of the American diplomacy Antony Blinken, North Korea promotes instability and insecurity, he said Thursday.
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