Nightmare in Australia: white webs inhabited by millions of spiders completely cover the vegetation!

 Sylvie Claire / June 16, 2021

Heavy rains hit the Victoria region causing many floods. The spiders had to adapt to protect themselves.


These are images worthy of horror movies that can be seen in the region of Victoria, Australia. Millions of spiders have covered the vegetation with their spider webs to protect themselves from flooding.


According to Professor Dieter Hochuli of the University of Sydney, this is not such an unusual sight after floods. When we have these types of very heavy rains and floods, these insects that spend their lives cryptically on the ground can't live there anymore, and do exactly what we're trying to do: they move to higher ground, he tells the Mirror.


Residents of Gippsland embarked on a massive cleanup after torrential rains finally stopped late last week. But the weather forecast said heavy rains were still expected.

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