New drama in Morocco: Khalid, a 7-year-old boy with Down's syndrome, drowned after falling 40 meters into a well

Sylvie Claire / February 9, 2022

While the emotion is still high after the announcement of the death of little Rayan, another child died of a fall into a well in Morocco.
Morocco is once again in mourning. After the announcement of the death of little Rayan, it is another child who died from a fall into a well. Midi-Libre reports that Khalid, a little boy with Down's syndrome aged 7, died this Monday, February 7, in Douar Sebt Dar Ben Hssein located in Caïdat Sidi Abderrazak, in the municipality of Tifet.
Khalid fell into a 40 meter deep well. Local media reports that the child drowned.
The deceased was visibly playing alone near the well. It was his parents who made the macabre discovery.
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