New abnormal heat wave suffocates Spain: Temperatures will exceed 40 degrees

Steph Deschamps / June 14, 2022


Water points taken by storm, cities idling: a heat wave asphyxiated Monday Spain, an episode abnormal at this time of year sign of global warming, according to an expert from the Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet).
This heatwave, which comes after the hottest month of May in at least 100 years in Spain, will result in extreme temperatures and could last until the end of the week, described to AFP Ruben del Campo, spokesman for the Aemet.
According to him, temperatures will exceed 40 degrees Celsius during the day in many Spanish cities and will remain high at night, beyond 20 or 22 degrees.
The meteorologist warns that the phenomenon, not limited to the Iberian Peninsula, will arrive in other European countries, such as France in the coming days.
The mercury could rise to 43 degrees in Andalusia (south), including Cordoba or Seville, according to the Aemet.
In addition to the health consequences, the analyst warns of environmental effects, with an increased risk of drought and water supply difficulties and an increase in fires, as in the Sierra Bermeja area, in the Andalusian province of Málaga, where a fire destroyed 3,500 hectares last week.
The increase in heat waves, especially in Europe, is a consequence of global warming, according to scientists. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing their strength, duration and frequency.
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