Netflix reminds subscribers: 'The women in the doc The Tinder Scammer are in no way at fault

Sylvie Claire / February 10, 2022

They were ripped off, and are now the subject of insults and criticism on social networks, pushing Netflix to respond.
Those who have Netflix could not miss the documentary The Tinder Scammer. It follows the true story of Shimon Hayut, an Israeli man ready to do anything to steal his conquests spotted on the app.
Three women, victims of the unscrupulous man, agreed to testify for Netflix. The Norwegian Cecilie, the Swedish Pernilla and the Dutch Ayleen. All three were swindled by Shimon, without realizing it.
These women are also the object of attacks. This February 7, Netflix was keen to defend them, wishing them courage, and reminding them that they are victims and not at fault: Following some reactions read here: the women of the docu 'The Tinder Scammer' are victims of a scam and in no way at fault. The 'credulity' that they may have shown, according to some, is part of a manipulation process.
Given the success of the documentary, it is rumored that the streaming platform would be preparing a real movie on this story that seems to fascinate many Netflix subscribers.
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